[Video] Fat-Freezing Fat Reduction Procedure CoolSculpting

Video Transcript

Many of us struggle with stubborn, unwanted fat, like those not so lovable love handles, or that ever present double chin. Well, now you can get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. Thanks to CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It’s the only FDA cleared technology. That uses controlled, cooling to target and kill fat cells with no damage to surrounding tissue. My colleagues at mass general invented this was an idea that they came up with based on an old article in the new England journal of medicine, showing that when children. Popsicles, they were losing fat. They could harness this concept to actually improve fat and problem areas for patients. So after years of study and years of testing, it actually got FDA clearance. Once that the cells are treated, they are gone for good. Your body will naturally eliminate these dead cells over time and you can resume your daily active. Immediately after treatment CoolSculpting can treat excess fat under the chin flanks, abdomen, and thighs giving you incredible sculpted results in about two to three months with no needles, no surgery and no downtime. Now we have the ability, not only to sculpt the abdomen, sculpt the flags, we can treat the double chin inner and outer size. These are things that we could never do before. We can really get amazing sculpting results, extremely safe, and extremely effective. And what more is there? And it treats a problem that is in huge demand. You can sit and watch a movie, talk on the phone, take a nap. And you don’t have to do anything else. During that time, I actually prefer and consider CoolSculpting the gold standard for non-surgical fat reduction. Men are losing their love handles. Gosh, they hate those love handles women, their skinny jeans fit a little bit. These are things that just every single day, when people are putting on their clothes, they realize, wow, I really, really liked the way I looked at now. I see a lot of patients and they’re fit. They’ve taken good care of themselves and they get little bulges of fat where they’ve never seen fat before. And that fat does not respond to exercise. With CoolSculpting, they’re able to trim it down and feel good about themselves. Again, there is no anesthesia, no medications to knock you out. You just do the procedure. It’s comfortable, you get cleaned up and you walk out and you go back to your life. CoolSculpting work. So for me as a physician, to be able to look at a patient and tell them reliably that this is going to work for you means everything because my reputation is at stake. If it doesn’t work for them, I can pretty much get my hands on any device I want. And so I don’t use anything that doesn’t work well. CoolSculpting works extremely well, and it does so by being extremely safe, ready to see. Explore our gallery of great CoolSculpting before and after results.

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